Iowa Trail Riding Equestrian Challenges (ITREC) - competitive trail challenges (CTC's)

Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed riding Sunday.  Jessie and I are planning to make more rides next year.  You have really created something special!  I love that the focus is on meeting friends and good horsemanship, and I left Sunday feeling inspired by the other riders and their relationships with their horses.  Can't wait for next year! 
I would be happy to help out in the future however I can.  I have some experience with fundraising so would be happy to contact sponsors if you need more help in that area.  Just happy to participate with such a good group of people!           Crystal

You do a great job and make everyone new and old feel comfortable and enjoy what they do. This is a great group and I am excited to spend more time with everyone involved. When you can get someone to want to do it by just running around and helping today that is a great accomplishment. I was told many times that everyone seemed very nice and friendly. That in itself speaks highly of the entire package.  Janet

It was a lot of fun! I'm happy I could be a part of it.   Leah (Judge)

This group and this organization is by far the most enjoyable source of trail rides that I have experienced and I do so enjoy all the friendship that I have received.  Thank you Wesley Woods for all your help and assistance!    Tom

Thank you all for making my first experience with ITREC a wonderful and blessed time!  I enjoyed the friendships I made.  I also want to thank you for the opportunity to spend a wonderful day with my horse and watch him grow and learn in new experiences!  I look forward to next year!     Jesse

I was in true unbelief when I heard that I had won the high point buckle! And as I look back I do not even remember what I said. But I want to be sure to thank  all those who willingly volunteered and made these events possible and fun... gut wrenching at times, but still so fun. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to be with my horse, to learn more about my horse and myself... (shocking!)  For me, your efforts provided a venue where I was not threatened by things I had no control over.  It was based on my abilities and my horses', I thank you!  I look forward to working and giving back so others can experience the joy that I did by building a better relationship with my horse along with meeting great people.  I am anxious, now more than ever to be able to have goals that will create greater bonds with the other pasture buddies I am so thankful to own. The members of this club have truly been blessed by all of your hard work and commitment! Thank you.        Linda

We had a great time and learned lots...Cant wait for next year.  Kristen

Thanks guys!! It was fun and something totally different than I had done before! I met lots of great people.  Taylor

It was a great experience that all riders should try!  Brandie (re: judging)

Always fun to be had at ITREC!   Starlyn

HATS OFF to all involved that made ITREC a possibility. I can't imagine the countless hours it takes to pull this all off...and pull it off in style I might add!  I am in awe of you!! Thank you for doing this so that my horse and I could experience it!   Nola

I've participated in ITREC for two years and have had a great time! Laid back but still challenging and fun. Met lots of people and learned a lot about working with my horse and building my riding skills.      Matt