Iowa Trail Riding Equestrian Challenges (ITREC) - competitive trail challenges (CTC's)
ITREC Annual Membership

Annual memberships are just $10 per person per year.  Family memberships are available for $20 and include parents/guardians and minor children.  Member names must be listed at time the membership is paid and may not be added later in the year.  ITREC reserves the right to request proof of family relationship as needed to prevent abuse of the discounted fee for family memberships.


New in 2016:  Ride-alongs ARE allowed during our trail events (not arena events).  However, any riders/horses that ride along with a registered competitor must NOT interfere with competitors or attempt the obstacles in any way.  If this happens, the competitor associated with the companion rider may receive a zero on that obstacle.  Companion riders must wait outside of the designated zone of the obstacle until all competitors have completed the obstacle.  

ALSO NEW IN 2016: In order to be considered for the year-end High Point and Reserve High Point awards, competitors MUST VOLUNTEER for at least ONE event during the calendar year.  ITREC could not operate without the help of generous sponsors and volunteers.  From organizing an event all the way through the final awards, many, many hours are put in by dedicated people.  There are many ways to volunteer!  The details are on our rules page.

Your membership fee is paid once per calendar year and can be paid when you check in for an ITREC ride. Memberships run from January 1 - December 31 each calendar year.

ITREC Membership Form
Type of Membership
Single ($10)
Family ($20)
First and Last Name
Additional IMMEDIATE Family Members (for family membership)
Zip Code
Primary Phone Number
Emergency Contact Name and Phone Number
Please check this box to verify that you have read and understand ITREC's rules (found on the 'Rules' page at
I have read and understand ITREC's rules
I have NOT read ITREC's rules
Method of Payment ($10 Single/ $20 Family)
I will mail a check
Paypal (choose membership type below)
Cash/check at the next event I attend

Member Options
To join by mail, fill out this printable membership form, and send $10.00 for an individual membership, or $20.00 for a family membership with your name clearly marked and "MEMBERSHIP" to:
c/o Cody Reichart
1227 Sunset St.
Polk City, IA  50226

Questions?  Email us at or call 515.771.4347