Iowa Trail Riding Equestrian Challenges (ITREC) - competitive trail challenges (CTC's)

Event Information and Registration 

You must be an ITREC member to ride in ITREC trail challenges. Become a member or renew your membership HERE.

You must complete and sign the ITREC waiver in order to compete.


New in 2016:  Ride-alongs ARE allowed during our trail events (not arena events).  However, any riders/horses that ride along with a registered competitor must NOT interfere with competitors or attempt the obstacles in any way.  If this happens, the competitor associated with the companion rider may receive a zero on that obstacle.  Companion riders must wait outside of the designated zone of the obstacle until all competitors have completed the obstacle.  

ALSO NEW IN 2016: In order to be considered for the year-end High Point and Reserve High Point awards, competitors MUST VOLUNTEER for at least ONE event during the calendar year.  ITREC could not operate without the help of generous sponsors and volunteers.  From organizing an event all the way through the final awards, many, many hours are put in by dedicated people.  There are many ways to volunteer!  The details are on our rules page.

Online registration generally closes the Wednesday before the event date.  Most events will still have registration the morning of the event.  Times will be listed on the event page.

Please follow the links below to register for an event.

Our 2017 season has come to a close following our River Valley Challenge Saturday, Oct 21.  Thanks for joining us and we will see you next year!!

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are paying via PayPal, you MUST hit SEND after you fill out your registration form, and THEN hit the PayPal button to pay.  Paying via PayPal does not automatically register you.  You will see a confirmation message on the page after your registration is submitted (you may have to scroll back up), and you will receive an email confirmation of your payment from PayPal.  Please email us at with any additional questions.