Iowa Trail Riding Equestrian Challenges (ITREC) - competitive trail challenges (CTC's)
About ITREC Rides

ITREC Trail Challenges are 2-3 hour trail rides where you will encounter  approximately 6 judged obstacles.  A judge is positioned at each of the obstacles along the trail and you and your horse will receive a score based on criteria according to your competition level. 

There are 3 Divisions of competition: Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. More information under Divisions and Obstacles.

Riders go out in small ride groups at their designated times, which you will sign up for at check-in.
A riders' briefing is held at each trail challenge before rideouts and any questions you have will be answered before you start your ride.  Riders are highly encouraged to attend these briefings as important information about the competition will be discussed.

Riders then ride out at their designated times.  Please be sure to be at the start area at your rideout time so that you don't make your group wait and the ride can stay on schedule.  

When you return from your ride, please attend to your horse's needs, have lunch and mingle with fellow riders.  Please don't be shy about asking ride staff, or other riders if you need anything.  We are a friendly group eager to help accommodate your needs.  As ride groups return, the ride staff will be busy reviewing judges' sheets, tallying scores and preparing for awards.  Please understand that this process can take some time and there will be some waiting time between when you return and the designated awards time.  We may offer some sort of activity during this time, but it is also a good time to share stories with other riders and make some new friends.

Some events will have camping and/or stalls available for those who wish to make reservations.  Some events may also have food available for purchase.  You can find the details for each event as well as registration information on the EVENT REGISTRATION page.

Want to know what an ITREC ride is like?  

Enjoy this blog written by rider, Shellie Billings about her first ITREC competition.

Day 1       Day 2