Iowa Trail Riding Equestrian Challenges (ITREC) - competitive trail challenges (CTC's)
Upcoming ITREC events:

ITREC River Valley Trail Challenge, Saturday, October 21 at 10am
Online registration is closed, but you can still register the day of the event, registration is 8-8:45 a.m.!!


The following are tentative dates/locations. Until each event is secured...there is a chance they could change. Once they are secured and set, we will create an event on Facebook and open up registration on our website. Looking forward to a wonderful 2017 of horsin' around!

November - Year End Awards - Date/Location TBD

Don't forget the mandatory volunteer requirement to be considered for year end awards. All members to be considered must help at a judged event. Only a certain number of slots open so sign up for your event to volunteer at now. Don't wait until the end of year...there might not be enough openings of volunteers needed and you could miss out. 
Volunteers still needed to help at the booth at horse fair. This does NOT count towards your mandatory volunteer time...but does count as a supporter of ITREC! So please sign up now. 
Thank you to everyone that helps keep ITREC alive and running!

PLEASE NOTE:  some new rules for ITREC in 2016!!!  Please read here.

Load up your trail partner and your friends and join us for a trail challenge!  Experience some incredible scenery, test your and your horse's abilities with some exciting obstacles along the trail, and strengthen that bond at the same time.

 ITREC rides bring riders from all over the Midwest, and we are working to reach even more people this year.  Come out, saddle up, and make some friends who love what you love!!  Enjoy your day with us, and the people you get to know.

ITREC loves to challenge our .  We have levels for every ability. We will present you with some challenges that you and your horse can complete with confidence, while some obstacles might take some true trust and finesse .  You will finish the course knowing more about yourself, your horse, and your partnership with him, and with a stronger bond than ever.

Any rider, breed of horse, or riding discipline is welcome!!

We would love to hear from you!  Email your questions or comments to:

Our generous, carefully-selected sponsors make it possible for us to keep our fees as low as possible and provide awards and other elements that make ITREC great.  We are now looking for sponsors for our 2017 season!!